Impressive Architecture of Chapel Minutolo

The Chapel Minutolo, made famous by Boccaccio with the News “Andreuccio from Perugia”, is one of the best examples of Gothic architecture and decoration. It opens at the bottom of the transept of the Cathedral of Naples in the right corner near to it. On the back wall is placed the altar with the tomb of Cardinal Enrico Capece Minutolo who served the church f7382873788_d6c6c256ee_brom 1389 to 1412), The dome, which is adorned with a number of statues and pyramids, depicts the coat of arms of the family and is supported by four columns carved with basreliefs.

These in turn are based on the backs of four lions. The burial fund, supported by three small spiral columns and two statues of the meekness and Charity, is adorned with a Nativity flanked on one side by St. Anastasia and St. Jerome in the act of putting his hand on the head of the church Cardinal Henry (pictured as a child), and on the other by St. Peter and St. Gennaro.

Immediately under the sepulchral urn is decorated with a stepped altar adorned with bas-reliefs representing the Blessed Virgin of the Principle surrounded by the 12 Apostles. The recumbent statue of the Cardinal covers the sarcophagus and is surrounded by four angels, two of which retain the pavilion where it is depicted in relief the Crucifix with the Virgin and St. John.

The altar table is supported by two small columns and a slab of white marble; this is adorned on the right and on the left by the two priests of the Old Testament, Aaron and Zechariah, with censers in hand. A reliquary containing relics is placed between the two figures. At the foot there is a plaque placed by Fabrizio Capece Minutolo reminiscent of the right of patronage of the family on the Chapel. In this regard, an oil on canvas by Vincenzo Abbati and a photo of the last century show that, unlike today, there were pieces of furniture, even of fine workmanship.