The History of Chapel Minutolo

The Chapel Minutolo boasts a rich history that dates all the way back to the 13th century. People who explore the chapel will find a large number of framed documents on the walls that reveal the history of the building, while there are also numerous photographs and other types of historical artifacts that are just waiting to be discovered there.

The Chapel Minutolo as it was around 1300, when it was located inside the Basilica Stefania. Construction of the cathedral during the rule of the Angevin nicked in varying degrees the two pre-existing basilicas: Santa Restituta was greatly jmYRKCGI1eYshortened by the elimination of some bays, Stefania was completely demolished, because it coincided with the architectural development of the transept of the new sacred building.

Today the Chapel begins after the steps shown in this release, and the missing part, is now bordered by a boundary, purely symbolic, imprinted floor of the Cathedral.

Comparing the picture taken from the door of the chapel with the press about reproducing the same area, is known as the mosaic floor, easily recognizable in both images, ending the first with the right wall of the entrance compartment, where it is placed the holy water, while in the second, with the column at the base of the right scale which supports the same font. Considering that before the construction of the Cathedral, gave access to Stefania Basilica through the chapel, down the right scale and going up the left staircase.

In 1590, it completed the transept, the Chapel was separated from the Cathedral with a wall depicting, even in size, the original profile of the arch. Right off the same wall, to the left of the doorway to the Chapel, it was built in the same year by Girolamo D’Auria, the monument to John the Baptist Capece Minutolo. The boundary line marked on the floor of the Cathedral in front of the chapel.